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Archive for April 2016

All Work, No Play Makes for a Long Day

One of the great things about the United States is that your level of success is largely in your hands. Hard work and the right decisions can go a long way in ensuring your prosperity. However, when chasing the American dream, some forget that it’s important to maintain happiness along the way. Many workers in…

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How to Handle Finances with Class

Going back to college as a grown adult is a big decision. In the long run, the skills and knowledge acquired from additional education can help land a higher-paying job. The question is if the temporary costs and time constraints of paying for classes will provide a satisfactory return on investment.  [CLICK HERE to read…

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Difference in Stagnant Market Could be Startups

The jobs report from January 2016 revealed gains in some industries and declines in others, with the net result putting the unemployment rate at 4.9 percent, roughly the same as the month before.  Areas on the rise included retail, food and beverage, health care and manufacturing; declines were seen in private educational services, transportation, warehousing…

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Pondering Retirement Relocation?

There often are two schools of thought among new retirees: (1) Stay put, or (2) “Get out of Dodge.” For those interested in moving, there’s a proliferation of questions to address.  For example, where would you go? Do you have a favorite vacation spot where you’ve always dreamed of living? Can you afford to live…

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